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Oakham Meeting


On Thursday August 15th, three of us arrived at the empty Friends Meeting House and switched on the lights. Nothing much seemed to be happening for some time, so we thought that perhaps there would only be a handful of guests as it was the middle of the holiday season.

How wrong we were! People started to arrive, and then more and more. Well over twenty people attended and the atmosphere buzzed. We needed all the chairs and the raffle made £41.  There was no speaker and it was easy for people to move around and talk to each other.  Two new members, Carol from Braunston and Judy from Oakham attended for the first time, and it was good to meet them.

 Jane M

Melton Meeting


A slightly smaller group than usual met on a lovely sunny day.  Margaret was away. Other regulars had hospital and dental appointments. It was lovely to have David with us and able to drive again. Dennis is still in hospital, so far no news of what happens next. We all wish him well. Jane took numbers for Jane Micklethwait’s lunch. Mavis did the raffle. After clearing and washing up we departed to the Harboro for lunch.

Jane F


On a sunny morning a few members arrived for a cup of coffee and a biscuit, we had apologies from Kaye and the news that Dennis was out of hospital and had his son and family staying with him.

We discussed that there was a need for suggestions for outings for the group i.e. afternoon tea, a late breakfast or a farm visit – then it can be organised with transport etc and put to the committee for their approval.

In the absence of Mavis - Margaret did the raffle, washed up and tidied the room with the help of Jane and some members arrived at the Harboro Hotel for lunch.


Garden Party

Everyone put on their best ‘bib and tucker’ and went to Jane Micklethwait’s Garden Party lunch. Jane kindly, with the help of her staff, provided a lovely chicken and grape main course with salad, new potatoes and a lovely soft bread loaf. The members provided the desserts and the raffle prizes. Many members had gone to town and made gorgeous desserts and some like me were lazy and had bought a dessert.

Jane had booked the village hall in case the weather was as it was forecast (wet) but she had also organised gazebos in the garden in case the weather was ok. On this occasion it behaved itself and stayed fine with some sunshine and cloud. We all sat around tables in her garden admiring the roses. After the meal many of us wondered round the garden looking at all the different plants, pond and gardens walks.

The raffle raised £80 and there were many great prizes, Jane was thanked by Peter and given a white rose brush.

With great reluctance we all left a magical time and returned home to reality.


 New Year Lunch

 The Groups New Year lunch will be held at Sysonby Knoll Hotel, Melton Mowbray, on Sunday 19 January at 12.30 for 1pm. The cost and menu will be available in a few weeks’ time when further details will be announced.


Self-Care Tip

“Take time to do what makes your soul happy”

Welcome to a new series of simple self-care tips. These are hints and tricks you can do every day to help you look after number one!

 Don’t forget to laugh!

You know what they say – laughter is the best medicine! Laughter can boost your mood and reduce the likelihood of stress. Find times during your day to harness the power of humour. 

1.      Watch a funny film. Go to the cinema to see the latest comedy (better yet, take some friends to laugh along with). Subscribe to a streaming service and watch an array of comedy specials. Learn when comedy features on your favourite radio channel and tune in.

2.      Learn some jokes. (Check out Marjorie’s funny selection below). What better way to entertain your friends and family than by being the funny guy! A good joke can also be a good icebreaker…

3.      Smile. Smiling is contagious and very often the beginning of laughter. Smile at someone as they pass you in the street or while you wait for the bus. Notice the effect it has on others and you’ll be smiling for the rest of the day.


 A few puns…

 Because of the spate of wig thefts, police are now combing the area.

 Can February March?  No, but April May!

 Evergreen trees might not mind winter, but for all the other trees, spring is a great re-leaf.

Some waterfowl are not all they are quaked up to be.

 Protection of Contactless Bank Cards

The latest scam is to read your cards while they are in your purse, wallet or bag. The scammers have a gadget that looks like a mobile phone and collects your information. You don’t know till you get a statement or check on line. By then you could have lost a lot of money. You can get anti scam folders that fit the card. Margaret Willis told us she got hers from the police station at 50 pence each. When I went they hadn’t got any. I got mine from Ryman’s the stationers. They were £4.99 for a pack of three. I am sure other places will have them. They were not on display so I had to ask for them. A cheap price for security.


Voluntary Action Rutland Social Car Service

·         Available for elderly, frail or disabled residents of Rutland.

·         Transport to hospital and doctor’s appointments, to go shopping or just meet up with friends.

·         Charges apply but we offer a 50% discount to holders of a bus pass.

Call the Transport Department now to book your drive on 01572 724705.  

Open 9 – 12 pm.   Monday to Friday. 

Manager – Jim.   Book in advance, preferably within 10 working days.


Services & Activities in Rutland

Whilst attending Choice Unlimited promoting independent living in and around Rutland, we came upon K.A.R.E. (Key Access Rutland Enterprise) who will supply and fit key safes free of charge for elderly and vulnerable people in Rutland within 48 hours of a referral.

It is a good idea for those living alone, particularly in case you are taken poorly, and a neighbour or medical staff need access. The number: 07801-541389. 


Age UK have produced a booklet which contains details of activities and services available to the older generation. There are too many activities to list here and I would recommend that you obtain the booklet yourself as there are some interesting activities etc advertised. Pick up your booklet from the Rutland Volunteer Centre in Lands End Way in Oakham. Tel 01572-770324

The Group have purchased Leicester Royal Infirmary Parking Tickets for the use of Group members when they are attending a hospital appointment.  

PLEASE NOTE: The Parking Tickets are not transferable for use at other hospitals

Please contact:

Mavis 01664 564860 for Melton

Marjorie 01572 722311 or Peter 01572 724770 for Oakham

 A gentleman and a lady who have experienced breast cancer are willing to talk with and support other group gents and ladies with this illness.  Please contact Marjorie on 01572 722311 for details, if appropriate.

Postage Stamps

Please remember to save your postage stamps for the “Hearing Dogs for the Deaf”.  The VAR have volunteered to collect them so please bring any you have to the Oakham meetings.  Thank you for all the stamps given which is much appreciated.

Buying on the Internet

We realise that not everyone has a computer, but you will no doubt know someone who has. If you can pass on to friends and family that if they are buying goods and go through a site called www.easyfundraising and register naming The Rutland and Melton Cancer Support Group this will raise money for the Group – Amazon and John Lewis are just two companies linked to easy-funding.


Group Meetings

Oakham morning meetings held on the 3rd Thursday of each month between 10.30am and 12.30pm at The Friends Meeting House, on the corner of Gaol Street, Oakham.

Melton Mowbray morning meetings held on the 1st Thursday of each month between 10am and 12 noon in an upstairs room at the Samworth Centre in Melton Mowbray.

 Items for the Newsletter

If you have any items of interest for the newsletter, please could you let Jenny have them by the 20th of the month.

Contact details are as follows:   Email:

You are very welcome to attend our meetings and social events to meet old friends and make new ones, or just ring us for a chat!

R & M Group Contact:

Marjorie  01572 722311

Jane 01664 424595 Margaret 01664 568195

Ida Reed 01572 755987


Parking ticket for

Melton Mowbray: contact Mavis 01664 564860  

Oakham ticket: contact Marjorie 01572 722311 or Peter  01572 724770

Paul Mills